Today’s Your Day! St. Martha’s Feast Day!

Hence the extra post. July 29 is St. Martha’s Feast Day. “Martha” means “mistress” or “lady” in Aramaic. That’s you, right? Because you are the lady of the house.

So go ahead, take the day off. Skip the laundry and the house work. Relax on the porch, read a good book, spend some time in prayer.

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Are You Ready to Raise Martyrs?

I was going to post a different article today, but after hearing Tuesday’s news, I just didn’t have the heart for it. Last week, I was feeling a little down over the state of the country and the world. The stripping of our religious freedoms at home, the increasing terrorists attack abroad, and an electoral race that shows no concern for the sanctity of life  – all of these were beginning to weigh down on me.

And then came Tuesday’s news: the story of Fr. Jacque Hamel’s atrocious assassination by the cruel hands of an 18-year-old ISIS terrorist during Holy Mass.

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Summer Strewing: How to Keep Your Kids Busy

A few weeks ago,  I wrote about giving your children  A Real Childhood Summer by getting rid of video games and social media. I know it may seem extreme, but it is so easy to slide into letting our kids sit in front of the screen too much. Just take a look at these stats:

Children and teens between the ages of eight and eighteen spend about six and a half hours each day with various forms of media. Three hours, on average, are spent watching television, approximately two hours are spent with a radio, CD, or MP3 player, and another hour or more is spent on the computer outside of schoolwork….

In an average week, a boy spends forty-five and a half hours, or more time than he would spend at a full time job, with either television, computer, music, or MP3.- Meg Meeker, M.D.,  Boys Should be Boys.

6.5 hrs a day on media? 45.5 hours a week on media? That’s what I call extreme!

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Girls with Grit: Ten Books About Strong, Courageous Girls

One of the best things about wholesome books is their ability to exemplify and inspire heroic virtue. Here is a list of ten books featuring girls who undergo great difficulties with fortitude and selflessness. All highly recommended by Big Sis!

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12 Books My Boys Couldn’t Put Down

One of the luxuries of a childhood summer is having the time to get lost in a book. You know a book is really engrossing when a boy doesn’t come for lunch because he just can’t stop reading. Here is a list of chapter books that All-Star and Feisty couldn’t put down:

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