What I want for my Son with Down Syndrome

At a Viacrucis (Way of the Cross) in Monclova, Mexico, a boy with Down Syndrome comes out from the crowd to comfort the actor who is portraying Jesus…

Does he know it is only a re-enactment?

Whether he does or not, the boy Juan Pablo, is moved by the suffering of Christ. He follows “Jesus” closely behind, as if trying to muster the courage he needs to console Our Lord. Lovingly, he strokes Jesus on the back, hugs him, and rubs his arm. Without a word, this child with Down Syndrome gives us a beautiful, touching sermon on love and compassion. And it goes viral. 4 million people view the video.

Truth be told, IQ and material success are overrated.  They are good, but only insofar as they help us to grow in  love for God and gain eternal life. In the words of St. Therese, It is love alone that counts. 

To be loving, compassionate, and courageous.

Like St. Veronica and St. Simon of Cyrene.

Like Juan Pablo, who also accompanied “Jesus” on the Way of the Cross.


More than anything, that’s what I want for my son with Down Syndrome.

Isn’t it what we want for all of our children?

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