Story of Civilization Vol. 2 Medieval World: FREE Workbook Supplement

Here’s a free resource for those of you using Tan’s Story of Civilization Vol. 2 this fall. It’s a BIG one…. 180+ pages! My friend Sue Clement and I collaborated on this project. We love Story of Civilization, but we wanted our kids to think critically about what they have learned and to have cumulative reviews.

This resource includes:

  • vocabulary lists
  • dates for a timeline
  • book suggestions for each chapter
  • map work suitable for older students (Gr. 5-8)
  • critical thinking questions that encourage students to think beyond the page and to make connections with previously learned material
  • cumulative reviews after every other chapter.
  • And, of course, a complete answer key.

It’s a HUGE project, which took a lot of time. (I think we burned some Purgatory time working on it). So I hope your kids will benefit from it.

Just for clarity, this resource is for The Story of Civilization, vol. 2, published by Tan. Story of Civilization, vol. 2 is a fascinating account of medieval history… my kids have really enjoyed it.

Here is the cover of our supplement:

Here’s the Chapter 6 supplement:

Here’s the Chapter 20 supplement:

I highly encourage you to go discuss the Questions to Think About with your kids. These can be challenging and are meant to teach them to think more deeply and analytically about what they have read, to draw comparisons, and to see how history applies to their lives today.

By the way, this workbook is not meant to replace Tan’s activity book and test book. It’s meant to supplement them. We designed it particularly for children in grades 5-8, and children in this age range will still benefit from answering the reading comprehension questions in the teacher’s manual, giving a narration of what they have learned, and taking the chapter tests.

If you have any auditory learners, be sure to have them listen to the audio dramatization while following along in the textbook.

Download our workbook supplement here:

Looking for literature guides to go with some of the recommended novels? Check out this post.

Hope you like it!

6 thoughts on “Story of Civilization Vol. 2 Medieval World: FREE Workbook Supplement

  1. Oh, my goodness, THANK YOU!!! My sixth grader enjoys this series but I worry the activity book is not “enough” writing and vocabulary practice. Your book is amazing! Please make a companion for volume 3, which he wants to complete next year. 🤣

    A sincere thank you.


    1. Thank you for saying thank you!!! Companion for volume 3???? We’ll see how much purgatory time I accrue this year😂. Have a blessed school year!


  2. I found your blog while searching for just this type of resource, I’m hooked! Thank you so much for this workbook, it’s exactly what we need for my 7th grader!


  3. Any chance you have started on just a timeline for Volume III The Story of Civilization, The Making of the Modern World?

    I will happily barter with you in books I have 🤣 just send me a request


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