She Did It Again!

Big-Sis wrote another book!

Two years ago, Big-Sis wrote Joan of Poland, which she just renamed Joan’s Quest.

Set during Medieval Poland, it tells the story of a young girl who seeks to find her father who went missing after a band of Tartar’s raided her home. This is a wonderful historical fiction for children around the ages of 8-10. 136 pgs.

Joan’s Quest


Last year, Big-Sis wrote and illustrated The Dauntless Christian. Inspired by Cardinal Newman’s Fabiola, it is the story of the early Christian martyrs, Saints Sebastian, Quadratus, Pancratius, Tarcisius, and Agnes. Big-Sis wrote it for her cousin as a gift for his First Communion.  Exciting and inspiring, it’s a beautiful way to introduce your young kids to the faith and heroism of the early Christians. 76 pgs.

The Dauntless Christian


This summer, on the verge of turning fourteen, Big-Sis completed her first full-blown novel, 314 pages in all. The Red O’Reilly. Here’s the Prologue:

Ever since the fateful year of 1171 AD, the sons and daughters of Ireland have been sorrowing and rebelling under the deceitful rule of the English. Lured time and time again by friendly promises into traps and slaughter, they watch mournfully as their homes are burned, leaders clapped in irons, and all Irish customs forbidden. And then, in 1536, during the reign of King Henry VIII, even their precious Faith is abolished. Not that the Irish have given up their Catholic Faith, but now they have to pay a bitter price for it.

Yet in the midst of all their tears, a fair and noble youth rises up among them. Thirteen he is, and full of loyalty and love towards his beloved country. His bright red hair flames like the sun as it sets in the West, and his dark blue eyes sparkle like the deepest sea on the face of the earth. He carries himself lightly, yet with the proud, uplifted face that so befits a king. His spirits never sink, and his cheerful, ringing laugh strikes joy into the most miserable of hearts. While yet a boy, every enemy will soon tremble under his fearless gaze. Ireland looks to him with hope.

He is Red Hugh O’Reilly of Cavan.

The Red O’Reilly

Your children, especially your sons, will enjoy this one. A band of Irish boys, exciting adventures, daring exploits, a secret hideout; it’s all there with the themes of religious freedom, faith, and courage intertwined. My boys couldn’t put this one down.


If you read any of these books, do me a wee little favor. Write a review on Amazon. Big-Sis loves to write, and she’s always scribbling away in her spare time. But it would do her a world of good to get encouragment from people other than mom and dad.

Let’s encourage all our kids in their dreams and endeavors, and let’s hope and pray they use all their talents for the glory of God.

2 thoughts on “She Did It Again!

  1. YAY!!! Way to go BIG SIS! We are so proud of you!! I will order this book for Josiah to read and he can review it for us too :o) We’ll let her know on Amazon what we think. Way to go girl! 🙂 so proud of you.J & L I believe both read The Dauntless Christian and loved it.


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