Children and their Temperaments

After last week’s post, it’s time for a good laugh…

When I was in graduate school, I had a fantastic piano teacher. As a pedagogy student, I enjoyed talking to him about his thoughts and advice on teaching. For even with a variety of students from around the globe, he had a way of understanding how to motivate and inspire each pupil. One of the things he advised was that I get to understand my students better by learning about their temperaments.

Learning about the different temperaments is an important step to understanding our children and knowing how to communicate with them and motivate them. Here is an entertaining clip from Mark Gungor’s DVD series Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage. He talks about the Four Countries of People, meaning the four basic temperaments.

If you are familiar with the classical terms Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholic, and Phlegmatic, you will see how they correspond to Mark Gungor’s names for them: respectively, the countries of Control, Fun-Loving, Perfect, and Peace. In any case, this 16 minute clip is very funny. It’s a great reminder of how we need to cue into the emotional needs of different people.



Care to learn more about the temperaments?  Please Understand Me II is quite in depth and  has a very interesting chapter on parenting children of different temperaments. It’s along the lines of another excellent book, The Temperament God Gave Your Kids.

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