12 Down Syndrome Baby Shower Gifts

Hi! It’s me, Junior! And yep, I hacked into my Mommy’s blog. I want to tell you about my favorite things, just in case you happen to know a mommy who is having a  baby with an extra chromosome, like me. Of course, this stuff is great for babies who only have 46 chromosomes, too. So go ahead and take a look: my favorite things that make great baby shower gifts.

  1. Owlet Smart Sock



My Mommy and Daddy got this for me just before I left the NICU. It’s a sock that tracks heart rate and oxygen levels and sends alerts to your iPhone if something doesn’t look right. It also alarms if the heart rate and oxygen levels are out of normal range. This sock is the most expensive one I’ve ever worn…  yep…. three hundred buckeroos! But it has saved lives! If your baby has any heart or lung issues, this will put you more at ease.

2. Graco Dream Glider 


Many babies with Down Syndrome are prone to reflux and ear infections (ouch! wahh!). This swinging bassinet reclines, which helps reduce reflux and helps the ears to drain if infected.  The pad at the bottom isn’t very padded, though.  Maybe the upgraded version is more comfy.

3. Baby K’tan and Beco Gemini baby carriers


My Mommy and I loved the Baby K’tan carrier when I was really little. So soft and cozy. I took a lot of naps in it. But then I got too heavy, and the material would sag. With my low tone, I needed more support to keep me in proper posture. Babies with low tone need to be careful not to have their legs splayed too far apart, but they also need to keep their legs and buttock in the “M” position to prevent hip dysplasia.  Mommy tried five different carriers before going with the Beco Gemini. This baby carrier is my happy place.

3. Halo Sleepsack


All babies need a good swaddle for a good night’s sleep. This one allows for free movement of the legs (good for hip development!). Most babies outgrow their startle reflex by 4 months, but some babies with Down take longer. So, it’s a good thing these come in larger sizes.

4. Primo Eurobath Tub


Support, support, support is what babies with low tone need. At first my Mommy thought she could chintz on me and use my big sister’s old bath tub with the slingy thingy. But I kept slipping (not a good feeling!) and she needed lots of extra hands to keep me in a good position. So she finally got this one and we were both happier. No more sliding or slipping! I felt more secure, which makes bathtime a lot more fun. Yay!

5. Big Rubber floor mat


I hear there’s a really cool jumpy jump toy in the attic. But my Physical Therapist said I can’t use it because it’s not good for my hips and legs.  “Keep him on the floor,” she says. So we got this big, cushy, easy-to-clean padded mat. It’s where I play while my siblings do their school work. Of course, my Mommy likes it because when she plays on the floor with me, it’s easy on her bones. My PT likes it a lot, too.

6. Gymni Super Deluxe Lights and Music


I loved this little gym! So many things to kick and grab. So many ways to arrange the toys.

7. Memory Foam Pillow


Ever hear of plagiocephaly?  It means “flat head”. Lying in the NICU with my head always turned towards the oxygen tube, my head flattened on one side. When I came home, my parents tried to correct it by constantly changing  my position and by giving me lots of tummy time. They also used this pillow under my head whenever I way lying on my back during playtime. It sure felt good having that pillow under my head, but I still needed a DOC band. See?


Some babies like me take longer to learn how to roll over, which means they may spend more time on their backs. This memory foam pillow can help prevent flat head.

8. Boppy


Talking about tummy time… this pillow was great for that. It was also great for lounging in. When I was learning to sit up, my  Mom would put it behind me because I would sometimes  fall back. The boppy would cushion my fall.

9. Mirror


This is one of my favorite toys.  Every time I look in it, there’s a really cute baby in there! Plus, I really like the spinning ball and the crinkly bee. Whenever my Mom puts me in the playpen, this is the toy I go for.

10. Gross Motor Skills for Children with Down Syndrome


My Mom really likes this book! It’s written by a physical therapist who specialized in working with babies and children with Down Syndrome.  According to the author, the goal for physical therapy for babies with Down is not to accelerate reaching the milestones but to prevent and correct any tendencies that babies with Downs have, such as slouching or walking with a wide gait. It’s full of great exercises and activites that help us to learn how to properly roll, sit, crawl, walk, etc.

11. Books, books, and more books. Such as:





I love books! I love books that rhyme, touchy-feely books,  books with simple pictures on a plain background, and books with a lot of repetition.  Most of all, I love when people read to me.

12. Here’s my all-time favorite, and it’s absolutely free:






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