Voices for the Voiceless: Signs from the 2020 March for Life

I wish you all could have been there. The March for Life gets so little media coverage, but it is perhaps one of the most powerful movements of our time in the United States. The youth rally at the Capital One Arena was crammed with 20,000 students. But that was only a small fraction of the hundreds of thousands of people who travelled from all over the country to march in the defense of human life. From the top of Constitution Ave., the March looked like a veritable sea of humanity chanting, singing, praying.

I wish you all could have been there. With the President showing up and giving a speech, it was historic and momentous. But it’s always seeing the hoards of enthusiastic youth that gives me hope. And the signs — they were a voice for the voiceless. Some were funny, others profound, still others courageous. (We carried one, too… can you find it?) Here are some of the awesome signs people were carrying:

Let’s continue to pray for the end to the heartbreaking slaughter of unborn children!

One thought on “Voices for the Voiceless: Signs from the 2020 March for Life

  1. Your photos of assorted home made signs at the March for Life are impressive. They are all so creative and tell the story of one of the greatest struggles for human rights in history. It was great to see the President there and Alveda King standing next to him. We can never know, but I suspect that her uncle approves. African Americans are by far the largest percentage of victims of this wanton destruction of the unborn under the ruse of promoting womens’ health. Your blog motivates me to try to go to the March next year.


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