The Catholic Homeschool Conference is for ALL Catholic Parents

One thing I always enjoy each year is attending a homeschooling conference. Not only do I get to learn from inspirational speakers, I also get to catch up with old friends and browse new curricula. If I come to a conference feeling worn out from the school year, I usually leave energized and encouraged.

Of course, this summer many homeschooling conferences have been canceled. So I was glad to hear about the Catholic Homeschool Conference, which is online and FREE.

And whether you’ll be homeschooling in the fall or not, this conference will have talks relevant to all Catholic families.

Starting this Thursday June 25 until Saturday June 27, you will be able to listen to over 30 speakers — experts on marriage, family life, parenting, and, of course, homeschooling. And you can browse books and curricula in the virtual exhibitor hall.

Come this fall, even if you aren’t homeschooling, your kids might still be distance learning. This conference will help you learn how to manage all that with grace and joy.

Some of the speakers I really look forward to listening to are: Kimberly Hahn, Laura Berquist, Mike Aquilina, Fr. Calloway, Sarah Mackenzie, Edward Sri, Andrew Pudewa, and many others.

You can get a Free Pass and spend these three days listening to superb speakers and learning from the experts. (Mental note: stock up on frozen pizza and bribe kids to take care of toddler so I can watch as much as I can!)

Or, the VIP Pass will give you lifetime on-demand access to 50+ speaker videos. It’s a great way to get inspiration and teacher enrichment all year long. The Early Bird price is $47. Once the conference begins, the price goes up to $97.

So if you’re wondering: How do I even begin to homeschool? How can I create a joyful atmosphere at home? How can I improve my marriage? or How can I be a better parent? Like I said, stock up on frozen pizza and carve out some time to attend the conference. Or snag that Early Bird VIP Pass and enjoy the conference talks at your leisure.

Here are just a few of the talks:

Sarah Mackenzie – Is it Really Possible to Teach from Rest?

Patti Maguire Armstrong – Juggling Multiple Ages

Linda Bromier – Teaching Beginning Reading with Phonics

Margot Davidson – Creating a Homeschool Cutlure Through Literature

Dr. Amy Fahey – Home Education in a Climate of Fear, Uncertainty — and Hope

Mike Aquilina – Creating a Culture of Reading

Haley Stewart – Educating Young Children Through Daily Family Life

Bernz O. Caasi – Helping Kids Remain Catholic

Maria Cecilia Escobedo – Little Way of Merciful Love for Moms

Lisa Mladinich – Three Keys for Thriving in Your Mixed Marriage

Tammy Parker – Loving Well

Ginny Seuffert – Simple Tips to Keep Your Home in Order

Celeste Behe – Cultivating Virtue Through Storytelling

Bonnie Landry – Shortcuts to JOY – Homeschooling in the Earthquake Zone

Jennifer Gregory Miller – Essentially Living the Liturgical Year Through the Eyes of Maria Montessori and Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

Eleanor Bourg Nicholson – Raising Virtuous Children in 10 Books

Andrew Pudewa – Fairy Tales and the Moral Imagination

Corinna Turner – Guarding the Eyes of the Soul: Do Entertainment Choices Matter

I’m getting excited just going through the list! Such a wealth of wisdom and experience!

Free 3-day Pass here.

Early Bird Pass for on-demand access here.

To see how much fun a homeschooling conference is, check out this post: Attend a Homeschooling Conference!

2 thoughts on “The Catholic Homeschool Conference is for ALL Catholic Parents

  1. Where may I go to see the topics of the presentations? I checked out the main site and it only had a list of speakers but not the topics they will be speaking on and the dates/times they will be presenting. If you could please point me to the correct page, I would be much obliged. Thank you!


    1. Hi Mitzi,
      Conference talks are not yet up. But the organizer emailed me a list of *some* of the talks and I’ve added them to the blog post. All the talks and the program guide will be available on the conference home page tomorrow. Hope you enjoy it!


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