Reading Comprehension with 20 Saints

Here’s a project I recently completed for my third and fifth grader: I made a reading comprehension workbook for 20 saints stories from Anne Heffernan’s 57 Stories of Saints. When possible, I like to combine subjects. This workbook will allow my kids to learn about the inspiring lives of twenty saints while sharpening their reading comprehension skills. Take a look:

Here is 57 Stories of Saints. Each story is about 4-5 pages long — just the right length for a 3rd-5th grader. The stories are interesting and engaging, detailing both the trials and triumphs of the saints.

Here is the 20 Saints Reading Comprehension Workbook. There are fill in the blank, short answer, and multiple choice questions, as well as questions for deeper thought and discussion.  They are meant to encourage slow and careful reading of the text and to draw attention to important details about the lives of the saints. The ultimate goal, however, is to help children internalize the virtues of the saints and understand more deeply the universal call to holiness.  I also include lots of beautiful artwork and pictures, because, as we know, a picture tells a thousand words.

Here is a sample:

Note: The pictures in the workbook are black and white, because I wanted to make the books as affordable as possible.

For the workbook, I have tried to cover a variety of saints: young and old, religious and lay people, rich and poor, and saints of different nationalities. I also chose saints who are lesser known. I figured your kids would know about St. Francis of Assisi, but perhaps they wouldn’t know about humble St. Germaine or the beggar St. Benedict Joseph Labre. And, by the way, if any of you parents are dealing with a difficult and rebellious teenager, read the story of St. Camille de Lellis. There’s always hope!

Anyways, I hope you will find this workbook useful. Working on it has been inspirational for my own faith, and I’m looking forward to reading these stories and discussing them with my kids.

Just for fun I’ll raffle off a free copy! Drop a comment, tell me what you think and whom you’d give this workbook to. In a week I’ll randomly pick a name from the commenters and send a copy to the lucky winner. (U.S. addresses only.)

20 Saints Reading Comprehension Workbook is available at Amazon.

11 thoughts on “Reading Comprehension with 20 Saints

  1. Mary, your book contains beautiful pictures that I think children would find inspiring. The questions invite readers to explore the life of the saints in depth! I would love to give this to my grandson, Oscar.


  2. Marylou,You are always coming up with something new and creative on the home schooling front.This is a very creative of passing on the faith and enhancing reading comprehension in the process. You have so much creative energy.Dad.

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  3. A tiny bit off topic, but I’d like to thank you: I had this book when I was younger and read it so much the cover tore off. Neither my parents nor I could recall the title, although I’ve thought about it often since having my own kids. I was thrilled to find it again — that’s thanks to your post here!!


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