Sea to Shining Sea Book List and Lesson Plans

Are any of you using Sea to Shining Sea by Catholic Textbook Project this year? If you have a middle schooler studying American history this year, you should really consider it. It’s been one of our favorite history texts. Sea to Shining Sea is written in an engaging story-like style and has wonderful color pictures and maps.

Here are samples of the text and samples of the workbook.

For your convenience, I have lesson plans and booklists for each of the chapters. Historical novels make history come alive and give students an appreciation for the time period they are studying.

The lesson plans incorporate supplemental resources such as time line figures, map work, and other fun activities such as Mission U.S.

Because we use the supplemental resources and read historical novels, we usually take two years to go through the text.

Here is Part I of the American History Lesson Plans.

Here is Part II of the American History Lesson Plans.

Last year my son completed the whole text in one year for 7th grade. We skipped all the supplemental stuff except for the map work. Instead, we focused on note taking and studying for each of the chapter tests (available in the teacher’s manual).

Here are Lesson Plans for Sea to Shining Sea in One Year.

Did you know we have lots of lesson plans available to you for free? Check them out under the Lesson Plans tab at the top of the Home Page.

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4 thoughts on “Sea to Shining Sea Book List and Lesson Plans

  1. This is so helpful, Thank you! I’d started with another curriculum for my 4th grader, but was considering this one when I also discovered your amazing resources. In your lesson plans, what does CC# stand for? (p.s. I just received your 20 Saints Reading Comprehension Workbook from Amazon and I am so thrilled to be using that for a reading comprehension component!)


    1. HI Michelle!
      CC# stands for Chapter Check Up. At the end of each chapter in the text there is a review called “Chapter Check up”. Instead of having my kids answer all the questions at once at the end of the chapter (which can be overwhelming), I had them answer the questions as the topic came up in each section. FYI – Sea to Shining Sea is recommended for 5-8th grade, and I know many parochial/private schools use it for 8th grade. So it might be a little challenging if your child is in 4th grade unless he/she is an advanced reader. Thanks for getting the 20 Saints Workbook! I hope you enjoy it!


      1. Thank you for the follow-up! That is a great idea – and I know mine find a huge list of questions overwhelming, so that will be very useful.


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