Spring Time Printables for Preschoolers with (or without) Down Syndrome

Aren’t you glad it’s spring? I definitely am! So I made this springtime bundle for Junior, all about woodland animals. More pre-writing, first letters, counting, pattern-making, and shape matching with some really *cute* artwork.

Come take a look:

Junior made good progress with controlling his marker this past winter, so we’re continuing with pre-writing skills:

We”re also working on matching, counting, and shapes:

And we’re making patterns. Playing “I Spy” is new this time. Since I laminated the sheets, Junior enjoys scribbling on each animal as he finds them. Sometimes he draws a line from one animal to the next matching animal.

You can download entire Woodland Animals packet here. Laminating the sheets will allow your child to use and reuse them.

Since Junior enjoyed the Arctic Animal Number Puzzles, I made him four Woodland animal ones. Here are the squirrel and badger puzzles:

Laminate the puzzles, cut them into strips, and help your child put them in numerical order to create a picture.

Junior loves pictures of animals, so I made animal puzzles to help him match upper and lower case letters, and to give him more practice with saying the sounds of the letters. These worked best when I give Junior a half-card with a capital letter. Then I offer him two lower case letters, and invite him to choose the matching lower case letter. For example, I put the capital letter F card on the table. Then I hold out lower case f and lower case b, and ask, “Which one also says /f/ ?”.

I also printed out these *adorable* woodland animal flashcards from Etsy.

We use these cards to learn the names of the animals, to work on articulation, and to play matching and memory games. If you purchase these, be sure to ask the artist (Lana) to put the words in lower case.

To make these woodland animals activites meaningful, we are reading lots of books about forest animals. Here are some of our favorites, all from the library:

That’s all for now! Happy Spring!

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