Christmas and Nativity Themed Handwriting Tracing Pages

Tracing high-interest words is a meaningful and motivating way for my son to practice handwriting. So, I made these Christmas and Nativity-Themed Handwriting Tracing Pages for Junior. He definitely enjoyed these more than his usual handwriting sheets.

Take a look:

Here are the Nativity-Themed pages:

I’m still experimenting with different fonts to see which are most helpful for Junior, so this set gives you a choice of two fonts. The little dots show Junior where to start forming each letter. I suggest printing on card stock and laminating the sheets so your child can use them multiple times.

This set includes the following words: Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Angel, Shepherd, sheep, star, stable, donkey, and Wise men

These are available at Teachers Pay Teachers.

I also made this set of Christmas-Themed words, which you can download for FREE. And since it’s just easier to print things out in black and white, this set is in color and B&W.

The words included in this set are: Nativity, tree, wreath, present, bells, candy cane, ornament, candles, Santa, stocking, reindeer, and Merry Christmas.

Download it here:

Both of these sets go really well with the Nativity and Christmas-Themed Picture and sight word cards I posted last year.

In the New Year, I’ll be sharing more handwriting pages that I made for Junior, so stay tuned!

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