Books for Bible Study

Don’t think that only monks need to learn the Bible; Children about to go our into the world stand in greater need of Scriptural knowledge. – St. John Chrysostom

Here is a list of our favorite bibles for learning about and soaking in the Word of God. The grade assignments are a loose guideline. Most years, I have two siblings doing the same bible study so they can work together.

Kindergarten – Illustrated Miracles of Jesus,  Illustrated Parables of Jesus,  and Pictures from the Gospels Coloring Book. Or, if we didn’t get to The Illustrated Gospel for Children in preschool, we start with that.

Gr. 1New Catholic Picture Bible and DK’s Children’s Bible Utlimate Sticker Collection. I read a story from the Bible and then my child narrates back while I write down his narration. He copies it out (if he can) and decorates it with stickers.

Gr.2Life of Christ. This is a grade 3 reading comprehension work book that retells the life of Christ in a series of 50 short stories. However, I use it in second grade because it is a wonderful way for our children to really know Our Lord as they prepare to recieve Him in their first Holy Communion. We read the chapter (2-3 pages), the student answers the multiple questions orally, and then narrates the story.

Gr. 3The Catholic Bible Story Workbook. This tells the major stories of the Bible in 31 short lessons. There are worksheets for each lesson centered around bible-related vocabulary. Perfect for the school year. Unfortunately, after doing an internet search, I think the book may be out of print, although used copies are available. Any suggestions?

Gr. 4Golden Children’s Bible and Christian Studies I from Memoria Press. The Golden Children’s Bible is one of the most well written and beautifully illustrated bibles for children that I have come across. Memoria Press’ Christian Studies series are a study guide for this Bible. Volumes I and II cover the Old Testament.

Gr. 5 – Golden Children’s Bible  and Christian Studies II from Memoria Press.

Gr. 6 – St. Mark’s Gospel with questions from Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum.

Gr. 7Acts of the Aspostles with questions from Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum.

Gr. 8St. Luke’s Gospel. No study guide.  Instead, I’ll simply encouraging my kids to read, meditate, and possibly write in a journal. Then we will discuss.  The Navarre Bible: St. Luke’s Gospel has beautiful commentaries.

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