Free Singapore Math Lesson Plans for Primary Math 1-6, Standard Ed.

Here they are, for you  to use for free in your homeschool. I have included all the work from the textbook, workbook, extra-practice book, test book, and the mental math pages in the teacher’s guide. If it seems like too much math (and it is a lot of math), please adapt as you deem necessary, letting each child’s attention span, maturity level, and readiness determine the pace. Some units are easier and your child can progress through those more quickly. The harder units will probably take more time.

Please note that if you follow these lesson plans, your child will probably have to do math through some of the summer. I  do not like to cram in learning just to finish a grade level in 9 months, especially with Singapore Math, which is challenging at times.  Doing math through the summer also prevents my kids from forgetting what they have learned during the year.

For information on how I organized these lesson plans, see Lesson Plans that Simplify Singapore Math. If you use these lesson plans, you may notice that at times it may look like I have skipped review pages or tests. What I have done is spread these out to provide frequent review. The assignment for these reviews or tests will sometimes come further on in the lesson plans.

Please note that these lesson plans are only meant to be a guide of how the various books fit together. They are certainly not meant to dictate how much math your children should be doing each day. So please adjust the lesson plans according to your child’s needs.

Be sure to look at my Thoughts and Tips on Teaching Singapore Math for additional help.

Finally, just to remind you, these plans are for the Standards Edition of Primary Math, published by Singapore Math.

Primary Math 1A Lessons

Primary Math 1B Lesson Plans

Primary Math 2A Lessons

Primary Math 2B Lessons

Primary Math 3A Lessons

Primary Math 3B Lessons

primary Math 4A Lessons

Primary Math 4B Lessons

Primary Math 5A Lessons

Primary Math 5B Lessons

Primary Math 6A Lessons

Primary Math 6B Lessons

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