Gr. 1-2 History Lesson Plans and Ideas

Ancient History:

Our favorite resource for studying Ancient History during the primary years is Susan Wise Bauer’s Story of the World, Vol. 1. The stories are short and interesting, and the activity book includes questions to encourage narration, map work, coloring pages, book recommendations, and hands-on activities.

Story of the World: Ancient Times


Early Church and Middle Ages:

Courageous martyrs, holy monks, knights and castles, famous artists… this time period is a delight to read about! This lesson plan uses picture books, audio books, and fun supplements to introduce the following themes: The Early Church, the Rise of Christianity, Christian Culture, Knights and Castles, and Art and Inventions.

Gr. 1-2 Early Church and Medieval Times Through Picture Books

And here is a book I made for my kids to write their narrations in:

My Book of Early Church History and Medieval Times


American History:

I like to study history as a family. So when the older kids are studying American history, I read  picture books to the younger ones. These lesson plans include several picture books to choose from for each topic and a variety of supplements. American saints are included.

American History I: Explorers to the American Revolution

Gr. 1 -2 American History I Lesson Plans

American History II: The Writing of the  Constitution until Theodore Roosevelt

Gr. 2-3 American History II Lesson Plans

Here is a book I made for my kids to write their narrations in:

My Book of American History II with Midlines

This is the same narration book but without mid-lines. (For parents to write the narration in, if the student is not yet ready to do so.)

My book of American History II