Gr. 3-4 A Beka Science Lesson Plans

Mother of Divine Grace recommends using A Beka’s  Exploring God’s World in 3rd grade and Understanding God’s World in 4th grade because these texts are easy to use and they cover basic, foundational topics. They are so straightforward that my children have been able to use them independently, which is important when you are homeschooling many children. The experiments are generally quite simple and require items that most people have around the house.

Gr. 3 Science – Exploring God’s World
Gr. 4 Science – Understanding God’s World

These lesson plans use both the textbook and the test/quiz book. (I recommend getting the answer keys for the text and the quiz/test books.) I usually have my kids tell me the answers to the Comprehension Checks orally and memorize the material in the “Something to remember” boxes.

Exploring God’s World 3 day plan for Gr. 3

Understanding God’s World plan for Gr. 4