Gr. 6-8 Ancient History Lesson Plans

As with most of my history lesson plans, these include reading from a textbook, making a time line, map work, and historical novels or short biographies to read.

The easiest way to make a time line is to use the History Worth Remembering Time Line Figures from Emmanuel Books. They have time line figures for every historical time period and they include Catholic saints as well. Just buy a spiral note book with stiff paper and put the figures in order on a time line as you learn about them.

Map Trek, Atlas and Outline Maps of World History is an extensive collection of maps for you to use as part of your study of history. Several of our lesson plans include map work using these maps.


All Ye Lands

All Ye Lands is the main text I used for this Ancient History course. My goal in creating this course was to teach my daughter to take notes from a textbook. But I didn’t want to overwhelm her with taking notes on pages and pages of text. The actual portion of the book in All Ye Lands that covers ancient history is very short, only the first few chapters. So my daughter only had to take notes on a few pages each week. The textbook then serves as a spine, and then we delve into biographies and historical novels that make for a much more engaging presentation of ancient history. I arranged the lessons like this:

Day 1 – read from the text and take notes, do the timeline

Day 2 – read from The Golden Children’s Bible, The Story of the Greeks, or Famous Men of Rome. These readings give greater detail on what was read in the text. Then do the map work.

Day 3 – write a short summary

I made a whole lot of worksheets to guide the student so he/she could work on this course independently. Below are the lesson plans and the worksheets, which are divided into three parts.

Grade 6-8 Ancient History with All Ye Lands – these are the lesson plans

Gr. 6-8 All Ye Lands Earliest Civilizations work sheets – these are the worksheets for Part 1 of the course.  They teach the student how to take notes from a text book, step-by-step.

Story of the Greeks Work sheets – these are worksheets for Part 2 of the course. The Story of the Greeks is an interesting and enjoyable account of ancient Greek history,  which is why I made these worksheets for my daughter.

Famous Men of Rome worksheets – these are for Part 3 of the course. They are simply sheets for your student to write his/her summaries from some of the Famous Men of Rome biographies. You will also need the student guide by Memoria Press.

So, I’ll be the first to admit it. This course requires a lot of reading and writing. If it is overwhelming, may I suggest you take out the Day 3 summary writing? It’s probably what I will do with some of my other kids. I haven’t used it yet, but when it comes time to study Ancient history again with the boys, I’ll probably use IEW’s Ancient History Based Writing Lessons. My children have learned a lot with IEW’s other History Based Writing Lessons.