Free States and Capitals Pictures and Notebooking Pages!

Are any of your kids memorizing the States and Capitals this year? If so, we have a great resource for you!

Sue made these awesome States and Capitals notebooking pages which you will probably find very useful. For each state, there are several color pictures for your students to cut out and glue onto a notebooking page. These pictures (all from the public domain) include a map of the state, the state flag, state bird,  and the state flower.

She includes a page for your student to glue the pictures on and write interesting facts. If your students work on two states a week, they will have an entire hand-made States and Capitals book of their own by the end of the year.

Here’s a sample:


State Images (dragged).jpg


State Fun Facts (dragged).jpg

To get information on each state, you can use an atlas of the United States, State and Capitals flash cards, or a book such as The United States of America: A State-by-State Guide.

Here are the States and Capitals pictures:

States and Capitals Images

Here are the notebooking pages:

State Fun Facts Notebooking Pages

These are some other resources we use to help our children learn the States and Capitals:



I really like these clean, uncluttered, free outline maps of the USA, available from

USA map with boundaries and states, blank

USA map with state names

USA map with capitals

Memorizing the States and Capitals is an excellent activity for children in the grammar stage (Gr. 3-5). We hope these resources will help your kids enjoy learning about the States and Capitals.

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