Teaching Your Child to Read with Short Vowel Stories… and a free give-away!

When my oldest was a kindergartener, I wrote some super short stories to help her learn to read. I then used them to teach all my other kids to read, along with a variety of other phonics books. Variety is the spice of life, so it is good to give your emerging readers a mixture of books  with which they can learn to read.

About a year ago one of my old college roommates, Colette, who is now homeschooling, began using these stories with her boys. She liked them so much that she asked if she could publish them. Who would say no to that? So she hired an illustrator, a talented young lady who is homeschooled, and published the first of the readers:


Here are some excerpts:

short vowel stories sample1.jpg

short vowel stories sample2.jpg

short vowel stories sample3.jpg

Short word lists. Short stories. A combination of sight words and phonetic words.  And *really* cute illustrations.  All this makes Short Vowel Stories a great first reader for young beginners or children with short attention spans.

7/5/22 UPDATE: A new edition of this book is now available. I adapted this book for my son with Down Syndrome. The font is larger and there is double spacing between the words. There are color pictures that accompany most of the words in the word lists. Children can read the words and then find the matching pictures.

You can look inside this book and purchase Short Vowel Stories, 2nd Edition at Amazon.

But that’s not all. Colette then made a workbook.  For each story in the reader, the student traces the words from the word list. (One column per day).

short vowel stories workbook sample1.jpg

workbook sample2.jpg

There are also pages for making words with word families and for spelling dictation:

short vowel stories workbook sample 3.jpg

short vowel stories workbook sample4.jpg

A very gentle introduction to basic grammar is included:

short vowel stories workbook sample 5.jpg

short vowel stories workbook sample6.jpg

The workbook does a great job of combining very basic reading, handwriting, spelling, and grammar. THANK YOU, COLETTE!

I have three copies of  Short Vowel Stories  to give away. Leave a short comment stating for whom you would use the book,  for example:  your 5-year-old son, your kindergartener, your niece, nephew, grandchild, neighbor’s dog, etc. (U.S. residents only, please). In a week or two, I’ll close the draw and contact the winners by replying to their comments.

If you have an emerging reader, check out these posts on teaching your child to read:

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May God bless your upcoming school year!

UPDATE: Once your child has complete Short Vowel Stories, check out the two books that follow:

Teach Me to Read Duets, Book 1

Teach Me to Read Duets, Book 2

7 thoughts on “Teaching Your Child to Read with Short Vowel Stories… and a free give-away!

    1. Hi Claire! I’d be glad to send you a copy. Please email me your address and I’ll send you a copy. If I may, I’d like to suggest that you wait until your two year old is a little older (say 4 or 5) before teaching him to read. I bet he has your husband’s brilliant brains. But I do think that reading real children’s literature with rich vocabularies, wonderful prose (or poetry), and beautiful illustrations would be far more meaningful, enjoyable, and educational than trying to decode “the fat cat sat”. Give him a big hug for me!


  1. OH! PICK ME! These looks AMAZING!!! I’d LOVE to use these with my 3.5 year old girl, who is just starting to sound out letter sounds 🙂 Her memorization skills are impressive, but as a first-time mom, I’m just embarking on the journey of learning how to teach her to read. All solid help is appreciated!


  2. Hi Marylou,
    These books are wonderful. Having taught reading for several years ( never to very young children) I can say that these books are excellent and I am sure they are very appealing to young children. The illustrations are also terrific.


  3. These are great! My 4-year-old fell in love with phonics over the summer (due to the All About Spelling work with his siblings – thank you for your recommendation in another blog post – and the Letter Factory dvd). I’d love to be able to teach him how to actually read!


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