Faith and Freedom Primer B – Adapted for Children with Down Syndrome

Here is part 2 of the Faith and Freedom Primer, which I adapted for children with Down Syndrome. The original book, published by Seton Educational Media, has three parts. This is the second part. You can find the first part here.

The Faith and Freedom Primer an excellent tool for teaching children to read high-frequency sight words with fluency. Once a word is introduced, it is used repeatedly throughout the book so you child does not forget it. Junior has learned to read all three parts of the primer, and he is now learning to read the next book in this series without any adaptations!

Here are samples of the adapted version:

I divided this into nine smaller books/chapters. Bite-size lessons…. that’s one good rule of thumb when teaching these kids, so having shorter books makes them feel accomplished.

Download the book for free here:

I also made picture cards and flash cards to help Junior learn to read the words by sight. Here’s a sample:

Download the picture cards and flashcards here:

For instructions and videos on how to use the picture cards and flashcards, see this post.

Stay tuned for part 3!

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