Renaissance Art Masterpieces for Elementary Students

A Happy New School Year to you!!!

Here’s a little gift for those of you who like to do picture study with your kids: a collection of eighteen Renaissance Art Masterpieces with a bit of background information and questions that encourage close observation.

Because exposing our kids to lovely art is so important.

Renaissance artists believed in the beauty and nobility of mankind – a belief so sorely lost in today’s society. All the more reason, then, to help our children study and enjoy the masterpieces of the Renaissance artists, which radiate with goodness and beauty.

So without further ado, here are some sample cards and what we’re doing with them:

I printed each page on card stock and then laminated the picture card with its corresponding question card on the back.

Picture study is really simple:

First, we look at the picture closely, trying to observe as many details as possible.

Next, we discuss the questions on the back.

Then my daughter memorizes the name of the painting and the artist and puts it on the wall for display.

Each week we add another painting and quiz the previously learned ones.

Because my daughter loves , loves, loves to color, she’ll be coloring these coloring pages. All the paintings in the above collection are from this book:

To help her pay close attention the different shades of colors, I purchased these pencil crayons.

I’m excited to try it out myself!

And that’s it. Art appreciation for kids sweet and simple. Filling their lives with goodness and beauty.

Download the art collection here:

May you have a blessed new school year!

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