Teaching Children with Down Syndrome to Read with See and Learn: Ten More Free Books!

For those of you using DSE’s See and Learn Reading Program, here are ten more free books. These books are meant to go with See and Learn Sentences 1. Each book reinforces new words and reviews old ones. New books keep my little guy highly motivated, which I why I keep making them 🙂

At the bottom left-hand corner of each book, you will see something like this: SL 4-1 or SL 4-2, etc. SL stands for See and Learn, 4 stands for the 4th level in the reading series, which is actually See and Learn Sentences 1. The last digit refers to the leveled book in the See and Learn Sentences 1 kit. (Be sure to start with See and Learn Phrases 1, then work through See and Learn Phrases 2 and 3 before using See and Learn Sentences 1.)

As always, I have one page with text only, no pictures. This way Junior can’t guess the words based on the picture. The picture is the reward, and it comes on the following page with the text repeated for additional practice. This system works beautifully, and I am amazed at how quickly he has learned to read this way.

Anyways, here are ten books to supplement See and Learn Sentences 1:

One little tip as you teach your child to read with these books: Make sure your son/daughter reads slowly while pointing to each word and articulating each word as clearly as possible. Once your child becomes very familiar with old words, there can be a tendency to rush through the words. Slow your child down and help him/her be attentive to articulation. If your child misses a letter sound while reading a word, point to the letter he/she missed, say the letter sound, and encourage your child to repeat the word again with all the correct letter sounds. This way you are helping your child to be more phonetically aware and you are helping your child improve articulation.

Happy reading!

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