Building Phonemic Awareness: Three Free Books about Rhyming

Teaching children about rhyming is one of the first steps in building phonemic awareness and preparing them to read phonetically. It’s one of the reasons why so many books for preschoolers use rhymes.

To help Junior learn about rhyming, I made three silly books about rhyming. They’re silly because Junior gets a kick out of anything silly. When I read the first book to him, he giggled so much I just had to make more.

Of course, I thought your preschoolers might enjoy them, too. So here they are:

All three books are available in this one download:

Yes, they’re silly — total preschool humor. But there’s no better way to teach abstract concepts than with humor 🙂

Here are some extension activities:

1. Do they Rhyme? Name three rhyming words in a row. ie. hat, cat, sat.

Ask your child, “Do they rhyme?” Next name three words in a row that

don’t rhyme. Ask your child, “Do they rhyme?” Keep going back and

forth between words that rhyme and don’t rhyme.

2. Choose the rhyming word: Reprint the pages with pictures and words.

Make flash cards out of the pictures. Lay out three rhyming words. Put

out two more words below the rhyming words. One of the words should

rhyme with the others; the other should not. Name the rhyming words

with your child. Then ask him/her to choose the word below that also


3. Match the rhyming words: Use the flash cards again. On the left side of

the table put out two non-rhyming words, such as “cat” and “sun”.

Arrange them vertically. On the right side of the table put out another

two words, each rhyming with the words you put out on the left side. For

example, if you put out “cat” and “sun” on the right side, put “bat” and

“run” on the right side. Ask your child to match the rhyming words.

4. Make more silly rhymes: such as “bun on the run” and “cat with a bat”.

Let your child look at the rhyming word pages and see if he/she can

make up his/her own.

Happy rhyming!

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