Let’s Learn Letters 2! – More Handwriting Worksheets for Preschoolers with (or without) Down Syndrome

As I mentioned in my last post on Handwriting Skills for Preschoolers, here is another set of handwriting sheets. These are meant to be used once your child is proficient with the first set of Let’s Learn Letters and is ready for narrower (but not too narrow!) lines to trace.

These worksheets will help your child learn the strokes and the order of strokes needed to write uppercase letters. Each letter is preceded by tracing activities that will prepare students for the strokes needed for the letter. Dark and light dots show students where to start and stop. And just as in the first set of Let’s Learn Letters, the letters are taught from easiest to hardest and grouped by stroke. A charming black and white picture of an animal which the student can color is included with each letter.

I have to admit, Junior is a tough customer. He was not very interested in the black and white copies I made for him. So I made a second set with the letters in color. These I laminated so he could use and reuse. I printed these with two sheets per page, and he’s doing fine with the smaller letters.

Both sets are available at Teachers Pay Teachers. There are 77 pages in each set.

Click here for the black and white set.

Click here for the color set.

I hope your kids like them!

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