Let’s Learn Letters! Early Handwriting Skills for Preschoolers with (or without) Down Syndrome

Last spring, I began teaching Junior to write letters. The more I work with him, the more I realize that he is capable of so much — I just need to find the right materials for him and/or make adaptations.

When all my other kids were preschoolers, we used materials from Handwriting Without Tears. However, while Junior is able to use the Wood Pieces Set for Capital Letters with ease, but he is not ready for the other materials.

So I made my own handwriting worksheets for him:

Junior needed something that would show him where to place his marker to begin (happy face) and that would tell him where to stop and change directions. He especially needed something that would allow for a large margin of error, so he would feel successful even while he was learning to gain control over the marker.

And he needed fun and motivating pictures.

So here’s what his worksheets look like:

Learning to write letters, dot-to-dot style.

As we work on the letters, we also talk about the letter sounds, the pictures, and the colors.

One little tip: using pencil grips is helpful for kids who struggle with the tripod hold.

Tip no. 2: encourage your child to write slowly, which will help them stay in the the lines.

Once your child is proficient at these, print two to a page for smaller letter practice.

These are available at Teachers Pay Teachers. (This is the first time I’ve ever charged for my worksheets. But I had to purchase a commercial license to use the artwork and will have to pay the artist more after a certain number of downloads.) They’re also available in black and white.

I recommend printing them on card stock and laminating them. We use Crayola washable markers, and I stick the pencil grips onto the markers. When we’re done, I just wipe off the ink with a damp paper towel. Actually, Junior enjoys wiping the ink off, too. What a great little helper!

Hope your kids like them!

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