Free Picture Cards for Teaching Prepositions

Learning to understand and use prepositions in speech has been one of Junior’s speech therapy goals for quite some time. Naturally, we practice using prepositions in our daily living. For example, shoes go in the cabinet, and the book is under the bed. We practice them during purposeful play: The train goes over the bridge, and the red car is behind the green car. Playing Hide and Seek is another fun way to practice prepositions. However, it is also helpful to practice them with flashcards so Junior can see and read the prepositions. So I made him three sets of picture cards to help him learn some of the most basic prepositions.

Here are some samples:

Preposition Practice Set 1 – In and On

Preposition Practice Set 2 – Behind, In Front Of, Beside

Preposition Practice Set 3 – On Top Of, Over, and Under

Download the set here for FREE:

These are formatted at one card per page. I set the printer to print four pages/cards on one page. I cut them out and glued each “answer card” to the the back of its corresponding picture card. Then, for durability, I laminated them. Alternately, you can bind them together in a book.

To help with errorless learning, practice only one preposition at a time. Acting them out with objects is also very helpful. Keep reviewing the old ones as you introduce new cards.

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