Simple Catholic Preschool Curriculum: A Booklist

Do you have a busy household? Finding it hard to squeeze in preschool because you have a baby, a toddler, and older kids whose school work is so time consuming? I know, I’ve been there! Here’s what to do:

Read about Jesus’ love for us:

Introduce your child to some basic skills and content:

Learn to color and cut. Kumon does a great job of teaching these skills incrementally.

Play with the Alphabet.

Count and sort. Make patterns.

Read and talk more about the Catholic Faith.

Look at beautiful art and talk about it.

Art Masterpieces: ABC Collection

Read, read, read aloud. Here’s a book list of favorite read alouds for little ones.

And then turn off the T.V., put away the video games.

Send your preschooler outside to play.

And watch his/her imagination blossom.

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