WWII, the Battle of Britain, and Great Summer Reading

Well, she’s done it yet again. My daughter Carolyn (aka Big-Sis) has written another novel. As the oldest of six kids and an avid reader, she knows what makes a book appealing. My boys devoured this one.

The Badge of Kenley’s Legend is a historical fiction that takes place in England during WWII. A plucky orphan boy  overhears a German spy’s ploy to destroy the Royal Air Force Kenley, the base where his beloved brothers are stationed. Stuck in the countryside as an evacuee, he sets out to warn his brothers in order to save them from impending doom.

The book begins with a bang, (literally!), and is packed with action, excitement, and suspense. But even more, there’s an underlying message about courage and forgiveness. And it’s unabashedly Catholic. (That’s one thing I love about young people: when they really believe in something, they don’t hold anything back.)


If you’re looking for some great summer reading for your kids, give this one a try.

The Badge of Kenley’s Legend is available in paperback here or as an e-book in the Kindle bookstore.

Carolyn also authored  The Red O’Reilly .

Click here to see all her books.

One thought on “WWII, the Battle of Britain, and Great Summer Reading

  1. I read the draft of this book and found it hard to put down. I am the author’s grandfather, but I try not to offer praise were it is not deserving. My paternal grandparents lived through these bombings so it is a particularly poignant tale for me.


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