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One of the things I enjoy during the summer is cleaning out and reorganizing our homeschool room. I’m often on the lookout for new ways to organize and for fun, creative ways to use our space. So,  I asked some of my friends to share pictures of their homeschool rooms. Here are four homes for you to tour, along with commentary from the moms.

Home no. 1: Simplicity Itself

“Here are some pics of our main homeschool area. It’s not very elaborate or fancy due to lack of space; we keep it very simple with a cabinet in our dining room.



Each child has a crate filled with his schoolbooks that we pull out and put next to his seat at the table. However, our oldest son tends to do most of his work in his bedroom, where it is quieter.

Bridget cabinet copy.jpg


We used the “days of the week” bins for our preschooler this year and last; each bin has special activities, crafts, and books that she can only use on the designated day. It worked pretty well, but this year she will have official school books since she is starting kindergarten! Maybe I’ll have to change them up and make them work for the baby when he gets older!

bridget days of the week copy.jpeg

Any remaining school supplies we keep in the bottom shelves of the china cabinet pictured.



The picture of the pack and play in the corner is my positive thinking – yes, the baby WILL play happily in there while we do school this year, haha! This year I was able to do the majority of teaching during his morning nap, but he’s recently given that up.”



Home no. 2: Town House Blessings 

“Ours is a 3 bedroom townhouse so we use the space we have as best we can. Half of our second level is an open kitchen, with a dining room and sunroom. Schoolwork primarily happens in the sun room, where a folding table and four chairs are set up. Our Kindergartener often admires the view of the open space behind our home.



Our 3 year old freely participates in some activities at the table, but also has a dedicated smaller table. While the older boy completes independent work, the younger one and I cuddle on the small couch to read books together.



A second table is set up when we host Art Club (the couch is moved to the neighboring living room).



We also use the wall for mural creations and transform the room for special activities (end of India Unit Study Diwali party shown).



A calendar hangs on the sliding door and the kids take turns each morning putting up the laminated date or picture (velcro on the back) of the Saint whose feast we are celebrating or other liturgical or national holidays. We celebrate about two a week with special prayers, songs, and/or activities.



The dining room is decorated for Domestic Church celebrations (Palm Sunday shown).



The kitchen counters are used for special projects and each week new work is displayed on the refrigerator.

One kitchen shelf holds books needed for the given month, overflow arts and crafts materials and additional books and resources (for example a box of math manipulatives) are kept in the garage. Each night materials are cleared and returned to their place (a lot of running up and down the stairs!) and new ones set out for the following morning (set up picture shown). Being organized the night before makes for an easier school day. Sometimes the younger boy requests his own activities so I set these put the night before too.


I long for room for shelving in the sun room for all of our resources, art supplies, etc. but unfortunately we don’t have the space. I do like how flexible the space is and that I can scrub down the folding table after big “hands on” (messy!) projects. I love the natural light and that I can do dishes while independent work is being done. We are blessed!”

Home no. 3: Desks in the Dining Room and Books in the Kitchen

“Here you go! Our space(s) is very imperfect. Right now the two boys have their desks at the end of the dining room (so much for a formal dining area).



I’ve stolen half the pantry cabinets from the kitchen for the book storage area,and there’s a blackboard right beside it.



However, I’m running out of storage space, so I also got some drawers which are currently in another corner of the breakfast area. One day I would love to centralize it all. Hope this helps!”


Home no. 4: Lots of Love for Lots of Littles

“Here are pics of our new “school room”. It is technically a formal dining room but our kitchen is large enough for for a big kitchen table so we use this room as our school room!


Three desks and large bookshelves along sides for the 3 oldest kids, hutch for arts and crafts as well as organizing paper, pencils, rulers etc is on the wall with our “Walk Family Homeschool” sign.



Our main family desk and computer is the black one in the corner and the white stacking shelves next to it mainly holds coloring books and “how to draw” books.



Tall bookshelves also hold empty binders and student Saint readers, Puzzles, math manipulatives, etc.



Above each black desk is a shelf for the student’s current school books.



The small brown table and chairs in the center of the room are for my preschool/toddlers to color on and this fall will be our kindergarten space.




It’s always fun to see how others set up their homeschool, isn’t it? I hope these pictures give you some ideas on how to organize and decorate your homeschool space.  A little novelty and new decorations can re-energize you and  get your kids excited and enthusiastic for a new school year.  In the next post, I’ll give you a tour of our homeschool room…



2 thoughts on “Tour a Home School

  1. Great post! It is neat to see how others set up their rooms and helps give ideas and perspective. I’m grateful we have this formal dining room as our “school room” 🙂


  2. Great post!! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to take a peek at the homeschooling spaces of other homeschoolers. I am feeling inspired by their creativity and organizational ideas. I particularly love the idea of placing a picture of a particular saint on his or her feast day… think I’ll have to try that here:-)


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