Faith and Freedom Primer C – Adapted for Children with Down Syndrome

For those of you using the Faith and Freedom Primer to teach your children to read, here is Part C of the Primer, adapted for children with Down Syndrome.

Again, I have broken this up into eight smaller books so the lessons are short and sweet.

Here are the picture cards and flash cards to help your child learn to sight read the words:

To see how to use the picture cards and flash cards, watch the videos on this post.

This is the third part of the primer.

Here is Part I and here is Part II.

Once your child has mastered all three parts, I recommend purchasing the original version from Seton Education Media.

Junior now enjoys reading from the original version.

We are also working our way through the next book in the series, without any adaptations!!!

The sentences in this book are longer and more complex, so be sure ask a lot of questions to help with reading comprehension. Talk about who is speaking and what the characters want and do. Also, relate the stories to your own child’s life.

Junior is also now reading books by Margaret Hillert. I borrowed all eighteen books that were available from the library, and was delighted to find that most of the words used in this series are words Junior learned from the Faith and Freedom Pre-Primer.

If you can’t find these books at the library, you can get an inexpensive set at Starfall Education.

Junior is so pleased to be reading books all on his own for pleasure.

Just like his big brother.

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