Let’s Learn Shapes! More Montessori-Inspired Worksheets for Preschoolers with (and without) Down Syndrome

As I wrote in my last post, attributes such as colors and shapes, are abstract concepts that can be difficult for children with T21 to understand. But the Montessori method of matching, selecting, and naming really helps children understand attributes and generalize them to real-life objects.

Here are some worksheets I made for Junior to help him learn and understand shapes:

As with all the other worksheets in the “Let’s Learn” series, I recommend printing on card stock and laminating. Have your child use washable Crayola markers on them, that way you can wipe off the ink when he/she is done and reuse them.

Let’s Learn Shapes is available at Teachers Pay Teachers.

Let’s Learn More Shapes (featuring ovals, rectangles, and diamonds) are also here.

For more ideas on how to help your child learn about shapes, see my post on More Homeschool Activities for Preschoolers with Down Syndrome.

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