More Handwriting Worksheets for Children with (or without) Down Syndrome

Teaching my son with Down Syndrome to write letters and numbers has been a long, slow process. But little by little we’re getting there! Many schools and homeschoolers use the wonderful handwriting program by Learning Without Tears (formerly Handwriting Without Tears.) But I have needed to adapt some of their materials in order for Junior to be successful.

Learning Without Tears uses blocks to teach capital letters. Here’s a sample from their Kick Start Kindergarten Handwriting Book:

All my other children have used this book (or earlier renditions), but the letters are much too small for Junior.

Junior has needed to practice with much larger letters because while he’s learning the order of strokes, he also needs time to think about the direction of the stroke and when to stop.

So here’s my latest FREE resource:

There are four blocks per page, allowing your child to write very large letters. Once he/she becomes adept at that, you can print two pages per sheet, to allow for practice with medium sized letters:

We are currently working with the medium-sized letters. I demonstrate how to trace (top row) then copy (bottom row) the first letter, then have Junior do the rest.

Download Block Letters: Uppercase here for FREE:

There are two sets in this download. The first set provides tracing practice only. The second set allows your child to trace then copy the letters.

If these are too challenging, check out my easier uppercase handwriting worksheets:

Let’s Learn Letters, Uppercase 1

Let’s Learn Letters, Uppercase 2

We are working really hard on handwriting! So coming up in the next few months are more worksheets for tracing lowercase letters and numbers, especially designed for children with special needs.

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