Books to Give Your Kids this Christmas

Around this time of year as I think about Christmas shopping, I know I have to tackle the toy closet in order to make room for more stuff. However,  one look at our toy storage, which is a dangerous undertaking, makes me want to revolt against plastic toys, toys that need batteries, toys with a million little pieces, and toys in general. The thought of having to buy even more toys makes me feel like this:

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Of course, I always end up getting the younger kids  more toys. But I try to give them other gifts too, such as things to wear and read.

So every December, I’m on the hunt for good books to give my kids. It seems I’m not alone. My sister just asked for a list of books her children might enjoy. Here are some of our favorites:




Happy Little Family

Sweet and charming tales of family life.


Pippi Longstocking

Pippi is a teacher’s nightmare and a child’s delight. If you’re going on a road trip, consider getting the audio book.


Mrs. Piggle Wiggle

Mrs. Piggle Wiggle helps stressed out parents by curing their children of their behavioural “ailments”. Her solutions are hilarious.


The Wishing Chair Collection

My older children really enjoyed these magical and fanciful tales.



The Ember Falls

If your child hasn’t read The Green Ember, start with that before moving onto the sequel. Another big hit at our house.


Snow Treasure

When the Nazis attack Norway, children help to smuggle gold out of the country using their sleds. A suspenseful tale of courage.


Escape from Warsaw

During WWII, three Polish children go in search of their father who was taken by the Nazis. Another stirring WWII story. Big – Sis loved this one.


The Princess and the Goblin

This classic will appeal to both boys and girls, as the hero of the story is a miner-boy who fights the goblins.


The Phantom Tollbooth

Highly imaginative and funny. I knew All-Star really enjoyed this one when he started imitating the author’s writing style in his own compositions.


Otto of the Silver Hand

A medieval tale of a young baron who is raised in a monastery and then returns home in the midst of a bitter feud. Wonderful character development.


The Little White Horse

An orphan girls goes to live at the mysterious and magical home of uncle.



Tom Playfair

Big Sis really enjoys these entertaining tales of an all-boys Jesuit boarding school.


The Search for the Madonna

During the Great Depression, twin sisters go in search of a family heirloom in hopes that it can save the family farm. A wonderful and suspenseful mystery.


Tales of Foreign Lands

Four exciting historic stories of Catholic Missionaries around the world. My older kids devoured this book.


The Red O’Reilly

Here’s a plug for my daughter’s book: A band of Irish boys, exciting adventures, daring exploits, a secret hideout; it’s all there with the themes of religious freedom, faith, and courage intertwined.



I’m generally not a big fan of comic books or graphic novels, but these ones are worth getting:

The Adventures of Loupio

All three books in this series are a delight. They’re especially great for the younger kids.


St. Francis and the Duck

All-Star has read and re-read this book over and over. He doesn’t seem to get tired of it.


Tintin in Tibet

All my boys love this series. Be sure to get the full-sized books so your kids can really enjoy the drawings.


For more chapter book recommendations, take a look at 12 Books my Boys Couldn’t Put Down and Girls with Grit: Ten Books about Strong, Courageous Girls.

Looking for pictures books for the little ones? Check out Our Favorite Books for Little Ones.

What books do your kids love? Share the joy and let us know. I’m still shopping and the clock is ticking!


5 thoughts on “Books to Give Your Kids this Christmas

  1. Hi Mary,

    I am using your Singapore Math lesson plans. Thank you so much for sharing it and for free. I have some abbreviation questions. What is “App.”? And TB I think is Test Book, how about the just T?

    Thank you again,

    👣 Nieva Markey



    1. Hello Nieva,

      I am so glad you can make use of the lesson plans! “App” stands for “appendix”. The teacher’s manuals have additional exercises at the back in the appendix. TB stands for text book. T is for the test book. EP is for the extra practice book. Hope this helps! Mary


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