The Elegant Essay Lesson Plans

This year Big Sis and I are going to tackle IEW’s The Elegant Essay.

The Elegant Essay

I have written these lesson plans for her to work through this course 4 days a week, semi-independently. I like to break big assignments into smaller, manageable bits, and that is what I have done here. Since we have not done this course yet, I have to tell you that these lesson plans have not yet been tested. I’ll probably make revisions as we go through them.

But if you happen to be using The Elegant Essay this year, check out these plans. (After all, they’re free!) You just might find them useful.

The Elegant Essay Lesson Plans

Here are checklists for writing different types of essays, and checklists for the different parts of an essay.  These will help guide your student in writing fabulous essays ( I hope!)

The Elegant Essay Checklists