Study Guide for C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters

Here is a set of discussion questions to help you and your mature middle schooler study C.S. Lewis’ satirical Screwtape Letters. A classic masterpiece, The Screwtape Letters is  a collection of letters written by a senior devil, Screwtape, to a novice tempter, Wormwood. It opens our eyes to human nature, the wiles of the devils, and the temptations they set before us.

Sue Clement (the other mom on this blog) came up with the questions and answers. We are using it with our 8th-grade daughters.  Each week they read 2 letters and then we discuss them.  The girls are also writing letters from Archangels to guardian angels to counteract Screwtape’s letters.

The Screwtape Letters are very enlightening and witty. However, they can also be challenging. We hope this study guide will help you and your children discover the meaning behind each letter and that they will serve as a great jumping board for interesting and lively discussions.

Screwtape Letters Study Guide

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