Gr. 7-8 Modern European History Lesson Plans

These plans include reading from a textbook, making a time line, doing map work, and reading historical novels.

The easiest way to make a time line is to use the History Worth Remembering Time Line Figures from Emmanuel Books. They have time line figures, including saints, for every historical time period. Just buy a spiral note book with stiff paper and put the figures in order on a time line as you learn about them.

Map Trek, Atlas and Outline Maps of World History is an extensive collection of maps for you to use as part of your study of history. Several of our lesson plans include map work using these maps.

This course uses the second half of Christ the King Lord of History as well as the workbook. This is a high-school level text, but it is written in a fast-paced, compelling manner and it is easy to understand. We have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.

Christ the King Lord of History

Since I wanted my kids to go through this book slowly enough to enjoy it and delve into corresponding historical fiction, we spent two weeks on each chapter. This lesson plan is mainly a list of historical novels that supplement each chapter in the text.

Gr. 7-8 Modern European History Lesson Plans

The one shortcoming of this text is that it lacks pictures.  Here are notebooking pages for chapters 16-30 which contain pictures galore. In lieu of answering the questions in the textbook, your student can take notes on these pages:

Christ the King Notebooking Pages Part 2