12 Confirmation Gifts for Teens

Last spring my daughter recieved her Confirmation. It was a beautiful Mass and ceremony, and she was just glowing with joy. I also remember how I racked my poor brain trying to think of suitable gifts. Of course, in a teenager’s mind, cash is always a suitable gift. But if you want to give something that will help your confirmandi grow in his/her faith,  here is a list of 12 confirmation gifts:

  1. Handbook of Prayers


I owned this as a teen, and now my older ones each have a copy.  It has nearly 600 prayers in Latin and English, but it’s small enough to carry in your  purse.

2. YouCat


Here is a catechism of the Catholic Church written for young people. It serves as an excellent reference and is easy to read and understand. When your teen has a question about the faith, this is an easy go-to.

3. Rosary bracelet


Rosaries are not meant to be worn as jewerly. However, wearing a rosary bracelet might remind one to pray the rosary throughout the day, and that would be a good thing! Here’s a good one your teenage boy might want to keep in his pocket:


4. Study crucifix


You can help your teens offer their studies up to God by encouraging them to place a small crucifix on their desks.

5. Holy Spirit Rotunda


For her confirmation, my daughter received a beautiful stain glass cross which she hangs on her window. I haven’t been able to find anything like it online, but a Holy Spirit Rotunda would make a wonderful reminder of one’s confirmation.

6. Statue of St. Joseph or Mary


We love this statue of St. Joseph the Worker as well as this one of Our Lady of Grace.

7. Portrait of the Saints Inspirational Plaques


An inspirational plaque featuring the saint chosen for the confirmandi’s confirmation name might be the perfect gift! Portrait of the Saints has an impressive variety of beautiful saint portraits on prints, icons, plaques, and prayer cards.

8. Bible Verse Journal


An attractive bible verse journal can be an invitation to prayer.

9. Golden Legend of Young Saints


This is one of our favorite collection of saint stories for older kids/teens. Very inspiring!

10. To the Heights: Story of Bl. Frassati


Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati could very well be the patron saint of modern young men. My son read this biography and thoroughly enjoyed it.

11. The Truth is Out There


Here’s a graphic novel  published by Catholic Answers. As soldiers of Christ,  our young confirmandi need to able to defend the faith. This is an easy and entertaining introduction to apologetics.

12. Fabiola


One of my all-time favorite books. This tells the historically accurate tale of young early Christians such as St. Agnes, St. Cecilia, St. Sebastian, and St. Quadratus. The first few chapters are a little slow, but once you persevere beyond that, it’s hard to put the book down. The faith and fervor of these courageous young saints will rekindle your own faith.  So maybe you’ll want to buy two copies: one for the person recieving Confirmation, and one for yourself!





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