The “Our Father” in Art

Last month, I made Junior art masterpiece cards to help him learn the “Hail Mary”. He really enjoyed looking at and talking about the pictures. And he did memorize the prayer, line by line. He would read the words, then I’d cover up them up and he would say them by memory. So, I decided to go ahead and make a similar set to help him learn the “Our Father.”

Finding the right artwork to accompany each line of the Our Father proved to be challenging. And then I needed to do a lot of explaining so Junior could understand why and how the pictures related to the words. Words like hallowed, trespasses, temptation, will also needed some explaining. Nonetheless, Junior enjoyed looking at them. More importantly, I hope that by looking at these pictures, Junior gained a deeper understanding into Who Jesus Is and how much He loves us.

Here’s a sample:

Download the whole set here:

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